Apr 23, 2015

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Top 10 Woodworking Tips For Beginners


When it comes to a woodworking project, it obviously involves more than the woodworking plans. It can be a little intimidating for a beginner with little to no experience to start a project. But by following a plan and having a set of good plans, you can be confident about the project and get it finished in no time. Here are the Top 10 woodworking tips for beginners.

1. Initially see whether the arrangement can be taken after. Investigate the arrangement to make beyond any doubt that everything is straightforward. A few arrangements oblige the utilization of extremely costly material or are missing bits of data. You may find that the estimations for the ventures are forgetting, the scales are wrong, or the directions are difficult to take after.

2. When you affirm that the woodworking arrangements can be tailed, you have to see whether the task fits into your financial plan. Backtrack and take a gander at the materials that you requirement for your undertaking. At that point, go to your handyman shop so as to discover how the aggregate expense.

3. In the event that it fits into your financial plan, then investigate all the devices that you’ll requirement for the task. In case you’re forgetting an apparatus and go ahead with your undertaking without recognizing it, you’ll soon discover yourself stuck. You’ll discover yourself needing to spend more cash on the venture and it will be postponed longer than it ought to be.

4. At the point when looking for wood, acquaint yourself with the distinctive sorts of wood, how they are utilized, what apparatuses they ought to be utilized with, and then some. This will make you more agreeable with your task and will issue you the data you require.


5. Before you begin your undertaking, you need to comprehend that wellbeing is absolutely critical. You’ll be working with a ton of sharp instruments so you need be exceptionally watchful. Examine the apparatuses you’re going to utilize and figure out the most ideal approach to utilize them. On the off chance that it is a machine, experience the manual and go the extent that having an expert demonstrate to you how it ought to be utilized. Additionally, have all your security apparatus prepared, for example, goggles and a medical aid kid close-by.

6. You may need to feel free to purchase precut units as opposed to cut the majority of the wood yourself. Obviously, this will rely on upon the venture however in the event that relevant you will have the capacity to finish your task quicker and with less exertion by purchasing precut units. These precut woods are now cut in different shapes and sizes that you may requirement for your venture. The main thing needed is nailing, screwing, sanding, and wrapping up.


7. Verify you don’t surge your woodworking arrangements. Make it stride by step and verify its done right the first run through. In the event that you commit an error along the way, you may need to do a reversal to the last step. Now and again, the wood will as of now be sliced so you may need to spend more cash on the material. To keep this, move gradually and twofold check everything that you do.

8. Clean up is generally as imperative as the task itself. Make beyond any doubt you have a simple approach to dispose of the sawdust, wood chips, and additional parts. This will make the entire procedure of cleaning up speedier and simpler.

9. Keep in mind that you don’t need to spend a great deal of cash on gear. You can simply lease hardware from your tool shop for an expense. This is the best distinct option for purchasing something, particularly in case you’re uncertain that you’re going to utilize it again later on.

10. In case you’re the sort of individual that likes to plan already, you may need to feel free to take some woodworking lessons before you begin your venture. This will get you acquainted with a wide range of things from security, clean up, cutting, treatment of apparatuses, and that’s just the beginning. This is most likely the most ideal approach to verify that your woodworking arrangements go without a hitch. You won’t be pondering what to do next and you’ll meet quite a few people that have the same enthusiasm as you.

In conclusion, it can be intimidating for a beginner to start a woodworking project without much experience. These are the most important tips when starting out. The best advice is to go take some basic lessons so that you have a foundation to rely on.

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Apr 23, 2015

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Top 10 Table Saw Tips and Techniques

Top 10 Table Saw Tips and TechniquesBelow are the top 10 table Saw tips and techniques for using your table saw. Use them to get clean, safe as well as straight cuts on your next project. You will be able to cut extra wide, extra thick and extra long wood without any issues.

Tip one: Table saw safety tip


While your table saw is the workhorse of your workshop, it is one of the most dangerous items. Table saws can be unforgiving, as woodworkers lose their fingers, hand or even worse to this tool.
Tip two: Safe your hand and finger with push stakeIf you get your hand within a short distance of your table saw blade, it is time to get a push stick. This important table saw item is designed to hook solidly over the side of the board. Then you can hold it down tightly and push it through at the same time.
Tip three: Table saw tune-upFor your saw to function well, you need to maintain it. A well-tuned table saw will operate easily as well as smoothly, while a table saw that is not well tuned can bind and even be very dangerous to operate.
Tip four: Use feather-boards for additional handsIf it is hard to keep your board aligned with the fence, use a feather-board for smooth and straight cuts. Feather-boards have a number of wooden fingers which hold the wood firmly against the fence.
Tip five: Keep your Saw table rust freeA good, well built saw is always equipped with a table made from cast iron. The weight of the iron makes the saw to be stable, but it is prone to rust, which can remove the color and even make using the table saw very difficult. Ensure that the iron is free from rust.
Tip six: Set up simple out-feed supportTrying to tear the last feet of a huge board without a support or helper at the other side is almost impossible. A quality roller can solve this problem, but if you do not own one, set up an out-feed support with clamps, plywood and two 2by4s.

ss_101741244Tip Seven: Stacked dado blades Cutting rabbets and dados are tasks often reserved for table saws. There’re 2 main types of dado blades, either a single blade or stacked dado blades set at a certain angle on wobble dado blade. Understand the benefits of using either of these two types of blades.
Tip eight: Box Joint jigBox joint are always seen as step-sisters of dovetail joints, but this is giving the joint a bum rap. Although dovetail joints are sturdier than box joint, they are difficult to make.
Tip nine: Tapering jigMost woodworking tasks for furniture like chairs and tables need tapered legs. The easiest as well as the most accurate way of cutting tapered legs is using table saw with tapering jig.
Tip ten: Cut narrow strips with a sliding jigTo make a few identical narrow strips, you do not have to move the fence or remove the blade guard for every cut. Attach a shorter strip of wood to the side of a 4 feet 1by 6, then hold your board against it as you push the jig through.

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Apr 19, 2015

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Best Table Saw

00-table-sawsIt is an open secret that a table saw is an important tool in our homes. Table saws have come in many types and designs in the past. New ones are being invented while the old the existing ones are being improved. For this reason, getting the best table saw for your home is a no man’s joke. There exist many types which range from zero to infinity-DeWalt, Ridgid, Rockwell, Bosch, and Craftsman among others. This means that you should be careful before you opt to buy one.

Frankly, I cannot say that this brand is best than that one. I will only advice on how you can get the best from the variety found in the stores. Here are the desirable features for the best table saw;

1. Ability to control dust

Nobody likes a dirty home and personally I love living in a clean home. Table saws can be a source of dirt in our homes. To maintain the tidiness of your home, you should buy a table saw which has the highest degree of dust control. Go for table saws that have dust bags to catch the stray saw dust. If you are looking for one that stands out as far as dust control is concerned, then Rockwell is your right choice.

2. Easy blade controls

The type of mechanism used and the gear ration determines the easy of turning the gears of the table saws. Will you go for a crank which does not move smoothly ending up wasting your time? It is recommended that you seek advice from professionals. Otherwise you will buy a device which will give you difficult times when setting angles.

3. Easily set up stands

Some table saws have stands which are easy to set up while others are not. The Ridgid and Bosch are the simplest to set up because you only need a single flip to unlock their stands. However, some table saws have stands that are difficult to set up but once they are put in place, they hang onto the stands firmly. For example, the DeWalt cannot be wheeled around once they are put in place. This means that if you need a table saw that will be used for mobile uses, it may not be the best choice.

delta-table-saw4. Cost Vs service

Before you go for a table saw, you should compare the initial and maintenance costs and the type of service the saw will give. Will you go for a $459 table saw which will not live up to its promises? Will you buy a table saw which will break down in a fortnight? In short I mean that you should buy a device which will provide the service that you bought it for. Cheap things may be deceiving. Get something that is worth the price.

Other desirable features that you should take into consideration before buying a table saw include; safety devices and the fence capacity.

Final verdict

The type of table saw that you choose for your home depends on the service that it will deliver. The cost and quality of the product should guide you to getting the best. You can buy a table saw at $200 and serve you better than a $500 one can do. Choose well your best table saw!

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